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Welcome to CC Writes, home of writer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber CC Lepki! CC Lepki loves tragedy, loves stories, and—above all else—she loves writing. CC’s previous works include A History of Harry and Hero, and she frequently shares what she’s learned from writing those stories on Twitch and YouTube. CC lives in Indiana with her ridiculously smart and talented husband, Ryan, and their questionably smart and talented dog, Puck.

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Alpha II

“You’ve hurt a lot of people already, Alpha. It’s time to stop!” Psych clutched her useless arm close to her chest and spent a few precious seconds creating a relative location freeze to lock it in place. It sent electric shocks of agony through her collarbone, which was probably broken. None of it mattered. She…

Tenfold II

Estelle sat uneasily on the chair in the doctor’s office. Her leg bounced as she waited for the results of the test. Tenfold sighed. She sat in the chair next to her friend and placed a hand on the anxiously vibrating leg. “It’s going to be okay,” Tenfold assured her. “I really don’t think it…

Grounding Exercise

Dishes in the sink;sweat stains on the couch;the smell of old wood.Light filters through windowsin prisms of colorthat streak the ground in pastel rainbows.Particles of dust dance in the air–an everlasting waltz.His skin smells of soap and spice.The stubble on his cheekleaves trails of red across soft, pale skin.Calloused and scarred fingerstrace gentle circles on…

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