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Welcome to CC Writes, home of writer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber CC Lepki! CC Lepki loves tragedy, loves stories, and—above all else—she loves writing. CC’s previous works include A History of Harry and Hero, and she frequently shares what she’s learned from writing those stories on Twitch and YouTube. CC lives in Indiana with her ridiculously smart and talented husband, Ryan, and their questionably smart and talented dog, Puck.

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Alpha couldn’t be bothered to walk the halls of the ER attached to the Hero Association. He jumped out a window and flew to the top floor instead. The fewer people he had to run into, the better. The sycophants and worshipful followers gave him a headache even on the best of occasions, and the…

The Mentalist

Tenfold wouldn’t come out of her room. That, more than anything else, made the Mentalist hate Psych, or whatever it was she called herself. Their encounter had scared the woman beyond reason. Or, perhaps, it was with good reason for her to be so afraid. After watching the video footage of the encounter between Psych…


Tenfold watched silently as the red-clad woman floated from store to store in the packed mall. She carried several large bags slung over her shoulder and gleefully filled them in each place as the terrified store clerks stood helplessly by. As far as criminal acts were concerned, it wasn’t exactly diabolical. She never went near…

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