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Welcome to CC Writes, home of writer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber CC Lepki! CC Lepki loves tragedy, loves stories, and—above all else—she loves writing. CC’s previous works include A History of Harry and Hero, and she frequently shares what she’s learned from writing those stories on Twitch and YouTube. CC lives in Indiana with her ridiculously smart and talented husband, Ryan, and their questionably smart and talented dog, Puck.

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Outside the Fantasy

It’s been a busy month. No sooner did my book launch than I had to take a trip to Chicago to help take care of my mom after a recent surgery to remove her cancer. I’d already promised to come out and help when we got the news from my husband’s side of the family…

Conventional wisdom is dumb

It’s almost midnight. I’ve stayed up late every day for the past two weeks working on promotional videos for the launch of my new book. Today I made a last minute decision to redo my YouTube intro. After everything I’ve learned about sound design and title animation over the last couple of weeks, a sleek…

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