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Welcome to CC Writes, home of writer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber CC Lepki! CC Lepki loves tragedy, loves stories, and—above all else—she loves writing. CC’s previous works include A History of Harry and Hero, and she frequently shares what she’s learned from writing those stories on Twitch and YouTube. CC lives in Indiana with her ridiculously smart and talented husband, Ryan, and their questionably smart and talented dog, Puck.

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Averting Crisis Ch. 2

Tabitha barely had enough money left for food; she certainly couldn’t afford another place to stay for the night. “You can do this.” Her stomach grumbled. She grimaced. “You can do this after you get some breakfast.” She dug through her pockets and came up with just enough to pay for a muffin. The street…

Averting Crisis Ch. 1

A scream in the middle of the night shocked Tabitha out of a nightmare. In her rush to escape her sheets, she fell out of bad face first. The crunch of cartilage in her nose sent a sharp pain through her sinuses, forcing her fully alert. Another scream pierced the quiet night. Tabitha rushed out…

The Lovers’ Constellation

There was once a woman who fell in love with a man of very little means. Though they had little, the two were happy together. They shared everything they had and delighted in spending all their time together. The couple lived peacefully until one day, as the woman was coming home from the market, she…

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