I’m CC Lepki. I write and share stories of all kinds on my website and on my YouTube and Twitch channels. I’m an award-winning Indie writer with a degree in English. My previous works include A History of Harry, Hero, and fine with more books on the way. In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog, where I post short stories and poetry that I use as writing practice. Enjoy!

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Sydney is no stranger to bad choices, but lately, it seems that making bad decisions is the only thing she’s good at. As her already tenuous relationship with her parents deteriorates and her best friend prepares to leave her behind, Sydney’s wild descent into darkness, self-hatred, and regret makes one thing perfectly clear: Everything is not fine.

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The March of Time

Life was simpler back then, I’m toldAnd how things change as we grow oldThe children now are uncontrolledI once was important, you know I made my choices long agoAnd built this world for my egoWe ran fast from the nuclear snowNow I give my messes to you What a gift! If only you knewThese towers…

Small Rebellions

Mother insisted on a pristine white dress for my former cotillion. It was traditional. The way things were always done was the way we were always to do things. She pursed her lips as she plucked away at the taffeta poofs that decorated the skirt and tugged against the tight lacing on the bodice, as…

Remembering Death

The grass that swept between towering limestone monuments to the dead was well-manicured. But not too well-manicured. The graveyard was managed respectably, and the lawn was cut so that the final resting place of everyone’s grannies and uncles and whatever other loved ones they’d lost weren’t overgrown. It didn’t look bad. Just a bit tousled,…

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