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Welcome to CC Writes, home of writer, Twitch Streamer, and YouTuber CC Lepki! CC Lepki loves tragedy, loves stories, and—above all else—she loves writing. CC’s previous works include A History of Harry and Hero, and she frequently shares what she’s learned from writing those stories on Twitch and YouTube. CC lives in Indiana with her ridiculously smart and talented husband, Ryan, and their questionably smart and talented dog, Puck.

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The King’s Messenger

Goose fat slid down the king’s chin. He took another bite from the meaty shank clutched tight in his clubbed fist and chewed, openmouthed, as he watched the lowly peasant that bowed before him in his chambers. “You have news, then?” the king asked. “I do, sire. I’ve come from the front lines to deliver…

Dystopian Story Concept

The garden smelled sweet. The fragrance of flowers mingled with the musk of earth and fresh mulch. Translucent windows at the outer edges of the garden dripped with moisture from the humid air. Evvie ran a finger across one glass panel and watched as water droplets rained down, clearing away most of the gathered condensation.…

The Pain of Glory

A brown feather fell from Luke’s cheek. Not that he couldn’t spare the one. His entire body was covered in a mismatch of gray, white, brown, and striped chicken feathers that were plastered to his skin with hot tar. He shook as he lifted one blistered hand to sip from the stout mug the bartender…

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