I’m CC Lepki. I write and share stories of all kinds on my website and on my YouTube and Twitch channels. I’m an award-winning Indie writer with a degree in English. My previous works include A History of Harry, Hero, and fine with more books on the way. In the meantime, feel free to check out my blog, where I post short stories and poetry that I use as writing practice. Enjoy!

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Sydney is no stranger to bad choices, but lately, it seems that making bad decisions is the only thing she’s good at. As her already tenuous relationship with her parents deteriorates and her best friend prepares to leave her behind, Sydney’s wild descent into darkness, self-hatred, and regret makes one thing perfectly clear: Everything is not fine.

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so much for hope

let me drown in pillowsi’ll sink into the blanketsand let the storm pass overheadmemory foam seas take me awaylet the bed frame be my lifeboatand the headboard a gravestone“here lies someone who triedand who was never good enough”curtains drawn and light dimthe sound of life moves bythere are sirens in the distancebut their music comes…

The Reluctant King

King Eirdsidh was only twelve years old when he became the ruler of Dhaingneach aah Sithiche. A child. Merely a babe, to the fae whose lives he ruled over. Ten years had passed since then, yet he still felt like a child. “Again, my Blessed King,” his attendant encouraged. Eirdsidh grimaced. They all called him…

Within the trees I bared my soul

Within the trees, I bared my soulto sympathetic ears;all the bitter memoriesthat plagued me through the years. A skipping stone within my handsand tears along my face,I gave up that miseryalong the river’s banks. And when the winter froze my heart,the woods became my spring;melting all the ice awayto quell my suffering. Within the trees,…

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