This notebook may not be the prettiest, but it serves a purpose. It’s meant to keep you from feeling intimidated by the idea of writing something less than perfect. With this journal, you’ll be free to let your thoughts and ideas flow without the pressure of creating something as beautiful as the pristine covers of your regular writing notebooks.

Inside, you’ll find a step-by-step workbook for brainstorming, plotting, and worldbuilding as well as plenty of room for notetaking! With a cover that only a mother could love, you’ll finally be free to unlock your creativity and get those words on paper. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, this journal is the perfect tool to help you improve your writing skills and develop your own unique voice. We may not always word good, but with My Ugly Writing Journal, nothing is precious.

CC Lepki’s latest novel, fine., is designed to show readers what the real-life red flags of suicide ideation look like in everyday life. The book, fine., follows the last day in the life of a teenage girl as she struggles with substance use, family drama, and broken friendships. It is a dark look into the insidious nature of depression among modern youth.

Summary: Sydney is no stranger to bad choices, but lately it seems making bad decisions is the only thing she’s good at. As her already tenuous relationship with her parents deteriorates and her best friend prepares to leave her behind, Sydney’s wild descent into darkness, self-hatred, and regret makes one thing perfectly clear: Everything is not fine.

Redeeming Culture’s Guide to Deadpool Dinner Parties gives its readers a look at how irreverent does not necessarily mean irredeemable when it comes to God.

Summary: If you have ever found yourself at a dinner party struggling to join a lively debate about the latest pop-culture phenomenon while simultaneously steering the conversation toward Godly topics, then this is the book for you.

Redeeming culture presents its first-ever guide to navigating the tumultuous waters of common party topics such as self-destruction, homicidal mermaids, and mass genocide. Let Deadpool be your role model for what it truly means to be a Christian.

CC’s second novel, Hero, follows the story of Cassy, a young woman who struggles to tell fantasy from reality. In this urban fantasy of superheroes and insane asylums, Cassy learns what it really means to be a hero.

Summary: A mental institution that treats patients with delusions of grandeur is in reality a facility that tricks super-powered people into believing they’re crazy. Cassy Arnett makes it her mission to save every single potential superhero locked within. One problem: she’s one of the residents – and not one quartered off in the superhero unit. Her entire life she believed herself to be a hero; now, at last, is her chance to prove it.

CC Lepki’s Debut Novel, A History of Harry, was a quarter-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Summary: My mother died when I was twelve. After that, I stopped speaking. Since then, people have treated me different. The only friend I have left is Harry, the hobo that lives in the park. My father treats me like some sort of science experiment gone wrong, and his girlfriend would do anything just to get rid of me.

At first I thought my dad would never give in to his girlfriend’s pressure. At first, I thought he loved me. But after one mistake, everything changed. My quiet life suddenly became a lot less quiet.

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