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CC Lepki’s latest novel, fine., is designed to show readers what the real-life red flags of suicide ideation look like in everyday life. The book, fine., follows the last day in the life of a teenage girl as she struggles with substance use, family drama, and broken friendships. It is a dark look into the insidious nature of depression among modern youth.

Summary: Summary: Sydney is no stranger to bad choices, but lately it seems making bad decisions is the only thing she’s good at. As her already tenuous relationship with her parents deteriorates and her best friend prepares to leave her behind, Sydney’s wild descent into darkness, self-hatred, and regret makes one thing perfectly clear: Everything is not fine.

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Lepki takes a standard story about a teenager wanting to escape their reality and suffuses it with new energy. Readers will root for Sydney even as her situation grows ever more precarious… Even at her grimmest, Sydney’s tenacity and her plaintive cries to God are brimming with a fleeting hope. Lepki’s pacing is never hindered; she is a skillful storyteller.

Publisher’s Weekly Reviewer from the Book Life Prize

A wonderfully written story that deals with many issues (depression, addiction, suicide) in a powerful way. Be ready for an emotional read. Strongly recommend to anyone dealing with these issues or has someone in your life who struggles with them.


Beautifully tragic. The book follows the downward spiral of a teenage girl as she struggles with depression and the changes surrounding her.

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