Within the trees I bared my soul


Within the trees, I bared my soul
to sympathetic ears;
all the bitter memories
that plagued me through the years.

A skipping stone within my hands
and tears along my face,
I gave up that misery
along the river’s banks.

And when the winter froze my heart,
the woods became my spring;
melting all the ice away
to quell my suffering.

Within the trees, I bared my soul.
Within the trees, I prayed.
In the pleasant wooded grove,
my worries were allayed.

It’s another nature-based poem! I used Robert Frost as inspiration for this one, since he’s one of the poets whose work regarding nature I most appreciate. Still, I tried to make it my own. The intent was to have the poem truly embody my own feelings and experiences with nature.

In every place I’ve ever lived, I always make time to visit state and community parks. As a teenager, my favorite place to spend time with friends or even find a bit of alone time was in the local park. I would spend hours there, playing on the playground equipment, climbing trees, or walking aimlessly. It was the most difficult time of my life, but I was always able to find a small amount of peace among the trees.

Nature really is therapeutic. It gives in abundance and asks for nothing in return. It’s the safe place we can go when society becomes too demanding or complicated. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Your friend,

CC Lepki

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